Caribace Dub club & JahMaikl

Caribace and Zion Train

Out of many voices comes one Caribace Dub Club with the message that has been told many times but never with an original voice like that. Using creative talents divided by borders but united with dub music. Using centuries-old instruments of woodwind and strings to Trample the eagle and the dragon and the bear.

 SIDE A Eagle dub/Caribace version 

SIDE B Dragon step/ Zion Train Dub Mix

Far Trax Records is back with Gunjahba$$ JahMikle’s debut record Time to React and Ashtech and Kife&Earthian dub remix.

Side A is the original song “Time to React”. JahMikle’s kind laid-back roots style conjures up images of the seashore in his hometown, Odessa, Ukraine. But we are not to be fooled because the substance is a reactionary if the optimistic call to arms. The American political essayist John Jay Chapman stated in 1900 that everybody believes radicals. This is as true today as it was then. We believe JahMikle that there is no time to waste if we are to head into this “better tomorrow”, and we welcome his reminder.
Side B sees two very different remixes. One is by New York’s own Kife and Earthian. It starts with the same catchy piano melody and slowly morphs into a dub version of the original giving us an extra dose of bass. The second remix is by London’s Ashtech, and this rolling, hypnotic, almost trance-like dance-floor version makes the urgent nature of the necessity to react even more obvious. It is obvious that a lot of effort went into polishing the final sound of these remixes. It hits the bull’s eye of compression; any more or less would not be as perfect.

Diapositive Band. Ethiopian Gal & Dub

Fartrax presents a new LP by Russians band Diapositive. SideA is original version Ethiopian Gal. SideB is dub version.
Music by Diapositive band.

Diapositive’s debut single Summer Dub with a remix by Caribace Dub Club on Side B

NYC, US –October 22, 2010 – Far Trax, the New York label that’s been on the radar lately with their reconstructions of Jamaican dub blended with Russian sentimentality intended both for hot summer dance parties as well as subdued hibernatory appreciation from bed at four in the afternoon, has collaborated with Caribace Dub Club to release the debut single by the talented trio from St. Petersburg: Diapositive.

Paying homage to traditional reggae and combining it with simple soulful Russian lyricism, Diapositive translucently develops a mellow track to make you spin on the dancefloor, which as the title suggests is as playful as it is warm.

The homegrown reggae trio consists of a bass player / singer, a rocking lady on the drums, and a brilliant stirring guitar player (would be nice to insert their names in this sentence). On side A, Summer Dub, they gently yet uncompromisingly charm you into the heart of a thick melodious whirlpool wherefrom you will contentedly radiate Diapositive’s infectious joviality in concentric echoing circles. Taking its time unwinding through a fog of brooding violins, piano stabs, and a panoramic dubby bassline, Summer Dub enigmatically and politely incites you to “open” and to “stand”.

Side B, Summer Mix by the legendary Caribace Dub Club, is a more roots oriented dub, buoyantly sweeping you along onto a smooth aged comforter, a familiar collected but never detached Caribace action, producing – whether or not deliberately even they may be hard pressed to tell – a dub straddling that border between intimately unceremonious and subtly unconventional.

New York-based Far Trax has previously released the hit Spread Out by Caribace and Madu Messenger. Both tracks on the present record were produced and recorded by Caribace Dub Club in 2010.

Caribace vs. Madu Messenger Spread Out and Spread Out Dub

Music by Caribace Dub Club
Lyric by Madu Messenger
Caribace one of the oldest and most famous dub-groups in Russia. The Group has participated in many festivals Reggae and DUB (Russia, Finland, Estonia, Italy) and performed with artists like Mad Professor (UK) and Zion Train (UK), Lee Scratch Perry. In concerts and recordings involved the band Jah Division, 2va aircraft, Leningrad, Netslov, Zion Train and many others.

The band formed in 1987 when Philip Nikanorov (Phil) met with Dmitry Vasiliev (Dim Dim). It turned out that they both loved the music of Bob Marley and the shared faith of thousands of residents of Jamaica First, Caribace ska, then reggae. In 1999 the band released their first album with ten impressive tracks in the style of dub. They released their self-titled album on Cosmos Control specializing in the distribution of music in Scandinavian countries.

The best specialists in the opinion of many, Caribace united in their work in St Petersburg with the Jamaican mood of nostalgia. Songs gently envelop and immerse in the power of hypnosis. Caribace
masterfully impose on the fast rhythm of quiet melodies and chords, which sound like two times slower.

Madu Messenger first time used vocal talent was on a dubplate for Aba- Shanti. It’s A Crime was recorded and produced at the Dub Factory Studio. Around 2000 he did some vocals for a joint collaboration he
was doing with Vibronics. This as it turned out, was to become the SCOOPS record label and the rest, as they say, is history. His discography includes  SCOOPS. Rockers Livication, Don’t Judge, Out Of Many, Fettered and Chained, Book Of Revelation UNITY SOUND. Jah Garden. DEEP ROOTS Warriors. DUB FLASH Where You Gonna Run. WEBCAM HI-FI Choose Your Friend., I GROW RECORDS Seeds Of Love.